Illusions Vapour – Chapter 2 Review


So, guy i have been blessed with a box of illusion vapors Chapter 2 edition. Im super excited to review these. Lets just dive into the review.

(Left to right) Medusa- A captivating and indulgent baked pineapple upside down cake with a warm toffee glaze.

On the inhale i get a very powerful pineapple but on the exhale it is a subtle buttery toffee pastry. I do enjoy this juice, because its not like every other pineapple, it has a nice pastry touch. At 80 VG this juice def chucks clouds, Well still carrying this awesome flavor! The pineapple is a powerful one, So it takes a few more puffs to clean the cotton. This juice is for all you tropical Flavour lovers, as it covers all aspects. Id rate this ejuice a soild 7/10

SpellBound – A mesmerising blend of juicy nectarine lightly sweetened with refreshing sugar cane juice.

Wow, ok this is awesome. Nectarine with some sugar cane juice. And that is exactly what you get when taking a puff. The flavour matches the description perfectly. The aroma is accurate as well. So well done, The way it vapes is so smooth on the inhale and nice throat hit. From a ripe nectarine to the sugar cane these flavours are made to be with each other. Even as ive never seen this pallet before, i cant say i see it being a huge hit. But hey, i have been wrong before. 🙂 80 VG this juice also chucks like its two brothers. i can comfortably rate this a 7/10

Messiah – A virtuously refreshing watermelon infusion with sweet blueberry and pear under tones.

Do you believe in first love? Lol this is by far the best juice ive ever had the pleasure of trying. The best yet out of illusion Vapour! The watery watermelon on the inhale and tastey pear on the exhale. I absolutely love pears, So falling in love with this gem is easy. It has a solid watermelon pallet, that quickly turns into a faint blueberry followed by a direct punch of pear. So amazing. Ive honestly been looking for a pear flavour i can vape daily…i think i have found it! Messiah is a Slice of heaven. i have no objection rating this juice a 9/10.

So the presentation or the line is amazing. I got the line in the medium sized black box! With the menu card sitting on top. Beautiful set up. I like the shiny effect, it really grabs you as a consumer. I would def pick this up and take a second glance in the shop! Well i hope this helps you guys with further e juice choices! 🙂

Until next time! Thanks and Have a great long weekend Everyone!!

TFV8 The Cloud Beast – Review


The Breakdown

Good morning guys, Today i have a awesome review and breakdown. Yes as you can see it is the TFV8 or other known as the CLOUD BEAST, and i got to say it lives up to its name. Lets dive right into the review, to start i will go over the contents of the kit itself.

The kit includes; 1 x TFV8 Beast tank

1 x V8-T8 Octuple Coil head (0.15)

1 x V8-Q4 Quadruple Coil head (0.15)

1 x V8 Exclusive Turbo RBA Head (0.28)

1 x 510 RDA drip tip adaptor

1 x Replacement Glass Tube

1 x User manual

x Spare Part Package

The kit includes all the above. I have got to use this flat black tank, which is a beauty may i add 🙂 I have the T8 in at this moment, it chucks at whopping 210 Watts. Thats where i think its the best for me. No spit back at all, no burn hits just huge, enormous clouds. This tank obviously packs a huge punch. (Hense the name) Even throwing mass amounts of vapour into, its quite nice. Its vicious in a nice way, if that makes sense. I like the RBA the most i threw some frapples into it and wow. With some Cotton Candy Cotton wicked, its a Natural Born Killer. This tank actually chucks way better then most sub tanks on the market to this date. I think the price is spot on at a retail of 64.99$ +TAX . The tank still fills like its little brother. A swivel top and a nice size slot to fit the dripper now. The TFV8 also holds a lot of juice, tank is a 6ml capacity. I honestly have not used the Q4 only because the T8 is so well done it hardly burns the cotton unless your have the wattage to high, or your pulling to fast. But i dont even have a black spec on the cotton, its just saturated. 2016-05-19-17_59_261374.jpgAs you can see from the diagram above, this tank is absolute gem. The air flow is on point, the 6ml tank is a huge bonus. Id love to rate this tank a honest 8.5/10. Only because i havent used the other coil yet, so the rate may change in the near future. 🙂 Thank you guys so much for taking the time to read the reviews. I hope i answered most of the frequent  asked question about this beast.

 Until next time, i hope you guys have a great day and thank you guys so much AGAIN !!!

Fuchai 213 Review


Break Doown

ok, so today i have the fuchai 213 to review. I’m going to dive right into this one by stating the unit is 88 x 44 x 29mm. It is mainly made out of Aluminium alloy + Zinc Alloy. The fuchai has a range of 10 watts to 213 watts, also feature a temperature control moduel which ranges from 100°C – 300°C which is 200°F – 570°F. The voltage input is a 6.4V – 8.4V The voltage outage is 1.0V – 7.5V. This mod will only support duel 18650’s and is equip with a fast balance charging support (usb) DC 5V/2A. The fuchai 213 is set with 5 modes to tinker with. They start with the Power mode then SS, Ti1, Ni200, TCR, TFR. The unit also has a resistance range of 0.1 Ω – 3.0Ω. The 213 will support all types of wire, custom coils and the max power of 213W. High input voltage warning reverse battery protection, low resistance protection also battery imbalance protection.

So those where the specs of the Fuchai 213, now let’s do some vapes on this beauty and she how she runs. I honestly just love the to the mod itself. It’s like a flat black but the finish is different then the sigelli 213. (I have both) the fuchai has the same layout exactly. The battery door is well done, a touch lock under the mod itself. Not a magnet. The button press in good which is a factor for me, cause i have found some cheaper mods live up to their price and have cheap parts. So far this unit is great. I like the way its a true 213 w Not a 180 saying its 213! If you don’t know about true wattage id suggest checking into that, But to carry on. It is easy as three quick clicks to get into the mode menu. From here you can choose one from the five categories. I mainly am in SS (Stainless steel) Or POWER, (wattage) Mainly because i like hot vapes, And this mod lets me be all over the place and even low nickel build chuck great. To break down this a little further, the price is 95.99 in our store, compared to say its twin the sigelli at 159.99 … I love both hard to tell the two apart. Another perk that the sigelli doesn’t offer is, Fuchai throws in a protective case for their unit. (In box)


Well that’s about all i can touch on the Fuchai 213. I really hope this somewhat informative guys. Until next time thank you so much for reading our reviews. I means so much to us. Thanks guys!!! 🙂

KLVAPES Berry Wonderful Ejuice Review

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Phenotype – L Rda Review


Break Dooown

Ok guys id like to start of saying ive had this rda for some time now, and i still love it. So i thought it would be adequate to do a review on the beast. To breakdown the packaging it comes with the usual little bag of spare parts and a tool. Also a chuff cap comes with it aswell instead of the drip tip it comes with. To look at the outside the stainless is flawless, Again ive had this rda and its brand new looking. 10/10 for durability. Notice the HUGE  airflow slots, placed perfectly for duel or single coil setups. You can also take it apart easily to clean and wash up. It comes with the stand two post design. Which i love so much. I personally only run my two posts on mech mods. Find they run much better. But back on topic here. One flaw i found is the lugs or screws are very fine and brittle. A little too much tightening and they break! I had one screw come completely twisted into the rda and i had to break it to get it out. (:( ) Not impressed … The size of the dish is OK considering the size of the actually rda. You will not like the pheno if you like putting loads of cotton in your setups.

But to make some more headway with all that airflow it makes for a very easy hitting vape. I like keeping it halfway open for more of a tighter draw. But thats just me. They sit nice and flush on most mods and mechs. The design of the rda it self is sleek and slender and it certainly chucks clouds like it should! (If the build is correct of course)

Ok to rate this rda i would give it an honest 6/10, one the hardware is a little cheap in my mind, Two the dish isnt very deep for my liking,  Thid the airflow is almost too much for me when its wide open. So to wrap it up, i would recommend this rda to anyone who loves two post designs and maybe to those cloud chasers who are looking for that extra little bit of vapour.

Ruthless Ejuice Slurricane Review

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Ego AIO Review

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Cremé de la Crumble by 705 Premium Canadian E-Liquid (Gold Collection)

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Twisted Messes RDA

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Tsunami RDA by GeekVape

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